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It is possible to implement calendars adapted to individual needs of clients. Calendars can be glued or spiral.


We offer to customers triple calendars in two basic formats: 300 x 780 mm and 370 x 820 mm. For this we can offer one- calendars in the following format: 440 x 660 mm and 400 x 580 mm. There is also the possibility of four- andpentamerous calendar. Head calendars may be flat, convex and made in 3D.


We produce all formats up to B1 format, inclusive. Calendars may have a refinement such as: selective varnish, hybrid varnish and hot stamping.

Book calendars

We produce calendars, books in hardcover, Dutch cover and spiral. We can choose between several types of covers: from the printed version by artificial leather products to the leather. Calendars can be made on white or cream-colored paper personalized (custom logo) and ribbon. We can print endpaper and additional advertising inserts may be included.