About the company
With the latest technology, we are able to meet expectations of the most demanding customers, while maintaining the highest quality of service. We specialize in printing on a diverse portfolio. We are constantly growing - apart from our headquarters in Gdansk since 1994, we have a sales office in Warsaw, and in 2012 we have opened a subsidiary in Miszewko, which is printing IML labels. As a result, we can boast a wider and more varied offer from advertising production to industrial manufacturing.

Highest quality

We always care about the quality of our products and constantly strive to improve and develop the technologies of the production process. To keep the highest quality of products we buy from the best and specifically selected suppliers in the world. Confirmation of the quality of our services and products are certificates ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 9001: 2008. We make every effort to ensure that our printing was eco-friendly. We do this by investing in new eco-efficient machines that emit smaller amounts of noise and heat. In addition, since 2011 we can offer our customers production using FSC ® certification. Moreover our statutory obligation is to carry out the recovery and recycling of waste, and as a result we can boast of the Green Point trademark.

Customer service

The key to success is not only machinery, but also the staff. Our employees are people with many years of experience. They work with great commitment and are very meticulous, which translates into the final outcome of the product. Our main goal is to meet the expectations of each client when it comes to the date of service delivery, highest quality of the product, and professional service and advice. In addition, to our customers from abroad we offer free stay in your elegant, spacious apartment during the print approval process.

EU Projects