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Varnish hybrid

It's an innovation in the field of refining offset prints. Varnish hybrid is a combination of gloss and matt effects. Matt surfaces may have different grain which additionally allows matt or gloss elements to fit the graphic design. The hybrid varnish can be used both to improve the cover and also pages of books, magazines and brochures and folders, flyers, product catalogs, business cards, calendars and packaging (eg. medicines, foods, clothing, cosmetics and spirits). Currently, hybrid varnish has piqued great interest also in terms of security product's genuineness. Due to the advanced technology and a small number of printers offering this refinement method, hybrid varnish is applied as a protective packaging, coupons, tickets and a number of other products that require proof of authenticity.


With UV printing technology, we are able to print metallised film, giving the product an unusual visual effect and a unique appearance. Print on metallic foil can be applied to the covers of books, posters, catalogs, packaging, and many others.


We do: hot-stamping, cold-stamping,embossing, debossing on paper, plastic, canvas and leather decors. We can use gold and silver metalized or coloured foils.

Spot UV Varnish

Spot UV Varnish is usually applied to the matte foil to enhance the selected items, for example: the logo, title, name and surname. Depending on the design selected components may be noticeable only at a specific angle. Spot UV Varnish is applied, among others, to upgrade business cards, and also to folders, catalogs and flyers.

Velvet foil

This is another form of refinement, giving a particularly matt effect. It is silky to the touch and much more resistant to scratches. There is also possibility of imposing the usual matte, shiny and many other foils.

Soft blink

Soft blink is a unique technology of finishing giving extraordinary feeling of soft touch and at the same time metalized blinking look giving different depth of colours depending on the viewing angle. Attached photograph is for reference only. It is not possible to see the effect on a picture. Please request samples if you are interested.