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It is a cover made with cardboard components. The back can be straight or rounded. The maximum possible size that we produce is 305 mm x 305 mm and 350 mm x 250 mm.

Combination Binding

It is a hard cover which consists of a set of sheets, wherein the cover material (veneer, paper, leather) can be different for the back and for the cladding.

Hardcover with a dust jacket

Commonly used for binding books and catalogs. Depending on the thickness of the book and the customer wishes we use varying thicknesses solid cardboard. In the case of veneers canvas is an opportunity to establish wrappers, which makes it possible to use a much richer graphics.

Soft cover

We produce book in paperback glued and sewn-glued, also with the flaps

Dutch binding (flexible binding)

This kind of binding is technically the same as hardcover but instead of thick grey-board we use thin cardboard that makes cover flexible.

Saddle stitching

A very popular way to elegant and cheaper mounted folder books.

O-wire Binding
Frequently used in calendars, blocks and directories. Is the combination of loose papers by spiral. It can be made in any color and size.