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It is a specific technology to produce prints, which allows to see on a flat piece of three-dimensional world or animation. Due to the progress in printing and production technology, the quality of the resulting product is really high. For the production uses a special lenticular foil from 35 lpi to 150 lpi. Foils are perfectly transparent, so do not absorb too much light, so your prints are clear and bright. Thanks to the advanced software we can create any graphic compositions. We can adjust the spectator’s impression of depth. The biggest impression on viewers do our prints images of "coming" over card - are so close to our eyes, that we fear would not collide with them.

Market research points to the fact that three-dimensional images much more strongly attract the attention of consumers than traditional images. Time spent watching this type of output is four times longer than prints flat, and the concentration is five times greater. Market research conducted by Market Watch found that in 88 per cent. cases prefers watching three-dimensional images. Our prints can be used to produce postcards, advertising posters, mouse pads, office supplies (rulers, pads, bookmarks, book covers and children's).

This is a step change one image into another. It occurs in the case of print or move movement next to him. There flips changing up / down and left / right.


It is a smooth transition between several frames, giving the impression of movement or color change. Like the flip movement is seen in the moving print or passing next to it.


Just like animation morphing gives the impression of a smooth transition from one image to another.

The depth

This is the result obtained with a shift relative to each other in the space of several independent layers of images. The depth of is a representation of the static, visible over a range of angle of observation.

Depth and flip combination

You can connect with depth effect flips, which gives you the ability to change from one image to another while maintaining the illusion of space and perspective.