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Currently we are expanding its capabilities in this area. We do both decorative packaging and exclusive - in smaller quantities, as well as those more common - in the case of larger expenditures.


We offer a wide range of leaflets. From the simplest to the more sophisticated two-page version of this type of product: printed using special Pantone colors, folding, cut from the die refined with foil and UV varnish or metalized stamped foil.


This type of product plays an important role in the image of any company, because its production is treated with special care. Our offer includes both versions of glued and unglued, simple folding, as well as ones with the ridge allows to increase the capacity of the briefcase. We have a wide range of dies for the production of folders.

CD Booklets and digipacks


Albums In the Internet age it would seem that this form of publications and presentations no longer enjoys such popularity as before. However, in our printing still we carry out such work. Most are generously refined albums and annual reports. Increasingly sophisticated projects such works cause that they continue to be great interest of the audience.